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Christian Military Fellowship
Military service stresses soldiers to the limits, in so doing, many tend to drop
out of the Christian faith.  
Joining a Military Christian Fellowship up-holds and
strengthens each other during military operations and training.
But what does the Bible say about a Christian serving in the military?
5 Reasons Why the Military are Hungry for Your Ministry.
1) They are young. Military people often leave home as teenagers but are abruptly thrust into the
roles of adults. They are faced with issue after issue for which they need answers. Eighty-five
percent of Christians today came to faith before the age of 21. The average age in the military is 19.

2) Their military role often brings isolation and culture shock. This is especially true here in Hawaii
where many face their first duty station thousands of miles from their families. Homesickness and
loneliness can play a part in leading people to accept invitations to a church community.

3) They are often in difficult situations. Demanding duty schedules alternate with the boredom of
off-duty hours. Deployments and possible deadly combat are ever-present possibilities. They are
shaken. Shaken people are often more responsive to the gospel than those at ease.

4) Their off-duty options are limited. Their free time choices away from familiar surroundings are
often reduced to staying on the ship/post or going into town to the bar district. Your ministry presents
a third option: spending time with Christians in a nurturing community.

5) They are a mobile subculture. They can spread the gospel as they move from assignment to
assignment and deploy to countries in turmoil.

Article taken from MCF Hawaii
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