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Now that you've received Jesus as your saviour, the next step will be to help others less
fortunate than yourselves.  God has blessed you with many resources.  It is not meant to
be tucked away for a rainy is to be shared.  You can be a blessing to the world
by contributing a part of yourself with your money or volunteer services.  If you are
moved by the Holy Spirit to help the less fortunate, please click on any of the following
links to see if you can be a blessing to those in need.
Other Countries that need help
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MYANMAR: Cyclone assessment reveals critical food, water shortages
How to be of help to Myanmar's cyclone victims
The Myanmar government has opened their doors to foreign help.  Please send your
donations to the nearest
Red Cross,  or  Salvation Army office.
You can also help by praying unceasingly.
Click here to see some of the urgent needs that you can help.
                                                             Christian Aid