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I am Simon, an Engineer from the sunny island of Singapore.  As a grateful
servant of Jesus Christ, who has done much to change my life, I am committed
to help others who are looking for such a change.
Online for Christ is a non denominational and non-profit making portal.  Its
primary role is simply to direct people to Jesus Christ and thereafter linking
them to other Christian communities.
The amazing fact is that Jesus exists in many nations and Online for Christ
will try to link as many as these communities together as possible.
Do you have difficulty explaining Jesus to others?  Just refer them to this
website and let Online for Christ do the explaining.
Alternatively you can include this link in your email to all your
correspondences.  Just copy this link:  .
God has aid for our sins with His Son Jesus so that we can have access to
salvation for free,  so feel free to use this service for free.
Online for Christ contains many web links to many web articles.  Some may
contain opinions that you may not agree.  This is because the author of these
articles come from different background and communities.  Please do not use
these articles as a basis of authority except the Bible.
You can participate in this ministry with your prayers as Online for Christ
reaches out to people looking for Jesus Christ.  Online for Christ is a faith
based, non-profit ministry and is fully funded by individuals.  If you are moved
by the Holy Spirit to make a contribution, just click on the button below.